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The Tennis Association of Louisville Kentucky (TALK) was initially formed in 2007 as a community tennis association under the umbrella of the USTA-KY office to assist the league coordinator with the USTA leagues offered by National.

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Contact members of the TALK board if you have any questions.

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TALK Tennis KY is on social media! We now have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter — find @TALKTennisKY and give us a follow!


Courtesy is expected. Tennis is a game that requires cooperation and courtesy.
All points played in good faith stand. For example, if after losing a point, a player discovers that the net was four inches too high, the point stands.
On any call, always give your opponents the call that most benefits them. For example, if one partner calls the ball out and the other partner sees the ball good, the ball is good.
Any ball that cannot be called out is considered to be good. A player may not claim a let on the basis of not seeing a ball.
A player should provide the opponent a warm-up of five to ten minutes. If a player declines to warm up the opponent, the player forfeits the right to a warm-up, and the opponent may warm up with another person.


USTA develops the bulk of the rules and regulations under which we play.
United States Tennis Association (USTA)

These rules and regulations are contained in “Friend at Court: The USTA Handbook of Tennis Rules and Regulations.” “Friend at Court” is based on “The Code” which is the authority on the basic rules and customs of tennis. Both “The Code” and “Friend at Court” are available at the USTA website,

USTA Southern Section

Southern passes all rules that govern play within its jurisdiction. No rule or regulation adopted by Southern can override or contradict those passed down from USTA. Southern regulations must be approved by USTA.

USTA Kentucky

USTA Kentucky passes all regulations specific to Kentucky play, but no regulation may override or contradict those passed down from USTA or the Southern Section. USTA Kentucky regulations must be approved by the Southern Section.

The Tennis Association of Louisville Kentucky (TALK)

TALK is one of 22 USTA Community Tennis Associations (CTA) in the state of Kentucky. CTAs are responsible for passing local regulations specific to their leagues and administering those leagues. All local regulations must be approved by USTA Kentucky and may not override or contradict those passed by the USTA, Southern Section or USTA Kentucky. TALK oversees Adult League Tennis in Louisville (Adult, Mixed, Combo, Fall), with the exception of Tri-Level League, which is run by the Louisville Tennis Association.